Everywhere the NBA operates, and everywhere basketball is played, we help create a community where fans are united by their common passion for the game.

While the league is headquartered in New York, N.Y., and Secaucus, N.J., we are truly global. The NBA has established a major international presence with offices in 15 markets worldwide.


The NBA’s international offices grow the game of basketball globally by hosting NBA events around the world, creating partnership opportunities for local businesses, developing merchandising strategies with regional licensees, selling international TV packages, and overseeing international marketing and media relations. Our regional offices (and locations) are:

  • NBA Africa (Dakar, Johannesburg, Lagos)
  • NBA Asia (Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore)
  • NBA Canada (Toronto)
  • NBA China (Beijing, Shanghai)
  • NBA Europe (London, Madrid)
  • NBA India (Mumbai)
  • NBA Latin America (Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro)


  • Ramez Sheikh, NBA Asia, NBA India
  • Leah MacNab, NBA Canada
  • Michael Ma, NBA China
  • Arnon de Mello, NBA Latin America
  • Ralph Rivera, NBA Europe
  • Victor Williams, NBA Africa