Great teams start with great people.
Start Year: 2006

As a software engineer, I help provide our fans with access to NBA statistics and content worldwide. My department develops international digital products and partners with regional content providers to engage fans in a compelling way.

Adrian DTC Products, Tech & Ops
Start Year: 2005

No two work days are alike for me, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our group works on a variety of events and initiatives that directly impact the WNBA and its players. We get to know the players and the teams very well and are very close to the game. My group is small and tight-knit, and we all share a deep love for the game and this league.

Start Year: 1998

In the social media age, digital photography is all about quickness. The NBA Photo department supplies photos for all NBA teams to the outside world. It’s important for us to keep up with the latest technology so the images that represent the excitement of our game can be accessed and distributed in almost real time

Brian Photos
Start Year: 2007

In my role, I have a window into the many different roles and responsibilities at the NBA. I work very closely with our marketing partners and collaborate with many different internal groups to bring those partnerships to life. My colleagues are incredibly skilled and talented, and I think that is what makes working at the NBA so great.

Cat Marketing Partnerships & Media Planning
Start Year: 2009

My professional story highlights the NBA’s willingness to support the development of its employees. I started off at the NBA Store as a Sales Associate. After about one year selling swingman jerseys and NBA-branded socks, I transitioned to the corporate office to support the talent acquisition team. Fast forward to today, I am part of the basketball recruiting team within talent acquisition, where we support basketball-related departments with full life-cycle recruiting, operations, and strategic initiatives.

Chris M Human Resources
Chris R
Start Year: 1996

The NBA is uniquely diverse from a cultural and social perspective, as well as in the range of expertise that supports the league. My background is in complex construction project management. The NBA’s commitment to career development has provided me—and many colleagues throughout the league—the opportunity to develop workspaces and arenas that are amongst the most innovative facilities in the world.

Chris R Facilities
Start Year: 1994

There is simply no better place to work if you have a passion for the game of basketball and seek an environment that empowers and inspires. Every day is unique and every season is special. We all have the ability to make our mark on the legacy of the game in small ways and big ways. I’ve had opportunities to connect with our world class teams, engage with global brands and even work with some of the game’s greatest players.

Christopher On-Court and Brand Partnerships
Start Year: 2012

I worked in print media early in my career. As the media landscape began shifting to digital, I wanted to be part of a leader in the space. I joined the NBA because I knew it would be the best place to learn, grow and shape some of the most influential digital products in the world.

Coleen DTC Products, Tech & Ops
Start Year: 2012

I started at the NBA in the summer of 2010 as a Creative Services intern and was hired in 2012. The NBA Internship Program was a great opportunity for me to learn about broadcast graphics design and helped me gain the experience I needed to come back and work as a project employee during my college breaks. I was hired as a Motion Graphics Designer after graduating from college.

Cristina Marketing
Start Year: 1997

My department is responsible for the Digital Media systems at the NBA. We build and integrate systems that enable us to deliver live game clips to social media, highlight packages to partners and full length features. The unique thing about my role is that I have a technical background but I get to apply it to the game of basketball. It is a rare experience to be behind the scenes to see how technology is used in all aspects of the game.

Dana DTC Products, Tech & Ops
Start Year: 1999

My favorite part of working at the NBA is the people. My colleagues are very talented and driven, but know how to keep things fun. In Broadcast Operations & Engineering, I am constantly challenged with new projects, which enables me to consistently learn and grow. The NBA remains on the leading edge of technology, which keeps me engaged and excited about my job.

Dave DTC Products, Tech & Ops
Start Year: 2012

I get to come in each day and support a group of people that help bring our game to different parts of the world. As an Executive Assistant at the NBA, you play point guard on your team. You help run your team’s offense; you control the ball and make sure it gets to the right players at the right time. You understand the game plan and, most importantly, you understand the team.

Denia International Offices - Latin America
Start Year: 2002

As Director of Visual Strategy and Presentation at the NBA, I implement creative branded interior spaces and corporate presentations at the league’s celebrated events. These visually immersive spaces are designed to enhance our fans’ experience. Working at the NBA is professionally fulfilling because I’m challenged to bring my best game every day.

Gary Marketing
Start Year: 2010

In my role on the Global Partnerships team, I find new ways to facilitate ongoing conversations and strengthen relationships with our partners through strategic events and communication. The people I have met and learned from while working at the NBA have been invaluable to developing my career. The league continues to present new opportunities.

Julie Partner Services
Start Year: 1993

I always had an interest in television production and sports. While I was in college, I had the opportunity to intern in the Multimedia group for the Detroit Pistons, which introduced me to NBA Entertainment. I was amazed at the content that was being produced and wanted to be a part of it.

Kori Business Operations
Start Year: 2008

I worked for a corporate law firm prior to joining the NBA and had no previous experience in sports. But the NBA saw that I had the right skills and experience for the job. I really appreciate that the recruiting team looks at the whole person rather than just searching a résumé for a few key words.

Melissa Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Start Year: 1999

My primary responsibility on the Global Partner Management team is to liaise with our global partners and league departments such as Media, Content and Communications. A typical day includes working with a partner to bring their marketing initiatives to life, as well as exploring new marketing and media opportunities that could enhance and grow the partnership. I work with a ton of great people, both internally and externally.

Natasha Merchandising Partnerships
Start Year: 2007

As a lawyer at the NBA, I regularly work on cutting-edge legal issues. While my substantive responsibilities are both intellectually stimulating and challenging, the best part of my job is working with my colleagues. Whether in the Legal Department or other groups at the NBA, I find that our team is filled with smart people who are all focused on growing the game and genuinely enjoy working with each other.

Neal Legal
Start Year: 1997

I began my NBA career as a summer intern during college, and I’ve been here ever since. At the NBA, we are encouraged to think differently and find new ways of doing things. Someone is always listening for the next great idea. I’ve always felt this is the kind of place where you can go as far as you’d like to take it.

Paul Content
Start Year: 2005

My colleagues and I work on legal agreements and other arrangements that cover a wide range of business opportunities for the NBA, including anything from a new digital platform to an innovative international venture. The multitude of new opportunities and challenges that I see every day not only keep my job fresh, but also allow me to grow my career.

Sloan Legal
Start Year: 2013

If I asked my 18 year-old self where I thought I would be at 26, I never would have imagined where I am today. Not only has the NBA given me a “job” but it has provided me with exciting opportunities and a lifelong career path. My job description varies from day to day. I can sit in the office processing invoices or I can be on the road organizing a production shoot. What I love most is how I can show my many different skills on multiple platforms.

Tyler Business Operations
Start Year: 1993

My team, Creative Services, is responsible for the design and production of the league’s branding and identity across various media, including print collateral, décor, broadcast and interactive. We have a lot of respect for each other and know that teamwork is the key to creating work that is cutting edge and innovative.

Val Marketing
Employee Resource Teams
The NBA's employee resource teams (ERTs) are designed to facilitate connections between employees with shared interests or backgrounds. Each ERT is committed to furthering our mission, supporting the league's strategic priorities, and providing networking and development opportunities.